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Microsoft Excel

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

Instructor: Scott Mckeown
Whether starting from scratch or shaking off the rust this class will get you off on the right foot. Learn to use Microsoft Excel to create spreadsheets for accounting, budgeting, and more. Learn how to create, edit, format and print basic spreadsheets. Basic computer skills are essential.

Microsoft Excel

Intermediate Microsoft Excel

Instructor: Scott Mckeown
Take your Excel skills to the next level. Learn to create templates, sort, filter, import and export data, analyze data, and work with Excel on the Web. This class will also cover charting, pivot tables and using advanced formulas. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Excel

WordPress Part 1

Instructor: Scott Mckeown
Learn how to build a personal or small business website or blog in WordPress. In this course, you’ll learn where to host your site, how to install WordPress, use themes, customize your pages with your own images, optimize your site for search engines, how to backup your site and much more. Basic computer skills are essential.

Microsoft Word

Introduction to Microsoft Word

Instructor: Scott Mckeown
Learn some of the common functions for Microsoft Word. Students will learn how to create, edit, and enhance the appearance of documents using formatting and proofreading tools. Basic knowledge of the computer keyboard and MS Windows functions is required.

What Our Students Have to Say

The instructor was very patient and willing to explain everything in great detail. I recommended a friend to take the same class and would recommend anyone looking for personalized help to contact ITFixed as well.
From Ashland, MA
This class [Intermediate Excel] helped me pass a test for a a job interview. Thank You
From Belingham, MA
The Word class showed me many new features I never new existed. Great Class.
Cathy R.
From Franklin, MA
I have taken three of Scott's classes. Great instructor. Very patient will all students no matter what their skill level.
Jack B.
From Sudbury, MA